Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Penny Express Direct Mail Services, and not just send out everything myself?


How much will it cost me to send out a mailing?


Do I pay now or later?

Postage costs must be paid before your mailing can go out (you pay the actual cost of postage…we do not mark it up), and you will receive a bill for everything else (printing, mailing lists, etc.) later.

I don’t have a mailing list. Can you help?

YES! We can provide many different mailing lists. See our About Us page for details.

Can you handle QR codes?

YES! We are able to include QR codes when designing your mail piece. If you don’t already have one, we can create it for you.

What is a QR code, and how do I use it?

Sample QR Code of Contact Info

Sample QR Code. Scan this QR code to add contact information into your phone's address book quickly and easily.

QR codes – or “Quick Response” codes – are similar to a UPC barcode. They just look a bit different…and can contain different information. QR codes are used to generate an immediate response to your mail piece. Anyone scanning your code can immediately:

  • visit your website
  • add you – or your business – to their phone’s contact list
  • send you an email
  • or just read a special message or hidden code.

It all depends on what information you’ve chosen to include in your QR code.

In order to scan your code, a QR code reader is required. There are MANY different readers out there. A few we recommend are: